St. Thomas Golf Club

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So you are even par standing on this tee? You may not be for long, as the golf course plays very tough from here on in. Three accurate shots are required on this hole. Beaver Creek comes in to play on every shot into this green. The tee shot should flirt with the Creek on the right side of this hole, as shots left will be blocked out from advancing the ball on the next shot. The second shot must carry Beaver Creek and thread the needle between woods on the right and Beaver Creek which makes a turn towards the green and follows the left edge of the hole. The third shot must again carry Beaver Creek then find a long narrow green. The green is guarded by woods on the left and Beaver Creek to the right, as it again makes a turn in the direction of play. The relatively flat green is not easy to putt, as the slopes are subtle and difficult to read. There is no spot on the green that is easier to putt than the next.