Women's Golf

Women’s Golf, Women’s Leagues and Important Club Events

The St. Thomas Golf and Country Club is pleased to offer two women’s leagues, both of which run on Tuesdays from early May to mid September.  These leagues are open to all women members who have one of the golfing memberships.  The Morning Women’s League is an 18 hole league and it has a 9 AM shotgun start each week.  There are weekly games and the league has a Ringer Board.  This league also hosts four match play cup competitions, including the league’s championship, which run from late May until early September.  The Afternoon Women’s League is a 9 hole league, which offers a blocked tee time from 4:30 to 5:30 PM each Tuesday.  Some women choose to come out earlier and play 18 holes, with their front 9 play being applied for the weekly games and competitions.  The Afternoon League hosts two match play cup competitions, which also run between late May and early September and over the month of August, the league’s championship is held (best two out of four net scores).  This league also has prizes for its Ringer and Low Putts Board.  The season ending Field Day is held on the final league day, which takes place in mid September and includes a luncheon for the Morning League, a dinner for the Afternoon League and all of our league competition winners are recognized.

The St. Thomas Golf and Country Club also hosts a number of significant events and competitions.  These events are open to all women members at our club, with the exception of our Ladies’ Club Championship.  In order to play in the Championship (a flighted competition), the member must have one of the golfing memberships.  The “Club C’s” are held on the Saturday and Sunday of Labour Day Weekend.  Our golf season starts off with the Women’s Spring Social and soon after, in late May, the Women’s Scramble is held.  Our premier invitational event, the Ladies’ Better Ball takes place in June, followed by our Ladies’ Member-Guest, which is held in late July.  Two other significant events, which usually take place in August, are our club’s Intermediate-Senior-Diamond Tournament and the Erie Clibborn Matches, a great day, with our club’s team competing against three area club teams.  A new partner match play competition is also being planned.  The entire women’s golf season has a fun wrap-up evening in the fall, our Women’s Closing Dinner, at which time our Ladies’ Club Champion and other significant season winners are recognized.