Grounds Update

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December 6, 2012


For all intensive purposes the bunker work has been completed. There will be some minor irrigation work required in the spring to complete the project. The sand has been added over a new subgrade barrier called Kilngstone that should prevent sand contamination for years to come.

10th green before

7th green before

10th green after

Hailey inspecting the new bunker on the right of 10 green

7th green after.

One of the new tie-ins on the back of 7 green mounds. The tie in accentuates the roll in the green.


The rough grade for the tees has been completed. Work continues on the finish grades. In the spring, these tees will have irrigation added which will be followed by hydroseed.


Some tree work has been completed on the hazard trees. Staff continue to clear brush on frost mornings. This crew will kick into high gear now that all of our close closure tasks have been completed. A logger has been selected and work will commence on Monday December 10, 2012. The tree inspector for Elgin County was onsite this week to review the marking on the trees. His indication was that the permit for harvest would be ready to go by Friday December 6, 2012.

Have a great Christmas!

Wade Beaudoin

Golf Course Superintendent.

September 28, 2012

At the most recent Board of Directors Meeting on Wednesday September 19, 2012 approvals were granted on the following items.

Greens Capital Equipment

Approved purchase for 2012 have come in under budget. Approvals were granted to spend the additional money to purchase a chipper which will be crucial for the forthcoming tree work. This chipper will highly increase staff productivity in the cleanup of all areas.

Registered Forester

Approvals were granted to contract Greg Greer of GWG Forestry to aide in the tree removal process. Mr. Greer will aide in many aspects of the process including; contracts, permits, tree health and Contractor selection. Mr Greer is scheduled to be on site on October 11, 2012 one day following the USGA visit.

Hazard Tree Removal

The following trees have been approved for removal due to poor health;

Norway Maple - Elgin Room Entrance Garden - Rotting base and canopy deterioration

Oak - 2 Green Path - Rotted Base

Poplar - Right side of 5 fairway @ 100 yards - Tree is dead

Silver Maple - 5 Green Washroom - Hollow tree

Silver Maple - 7 Fairway right side @ 275 yards - Hollow, rotted tree.

White Ash - Short and Right of 8 green - Tree is rotting with declining canopy.

Sassafras - Left of 8 green path - Rotted Base

Beech - Rear of 8 green behind cart path - Hollow rotted trunk 25 feet above ground

Norway Maple - Right of 9 Fairway - Rotted Base

Norway Spruce - Left of 11 fairway @ 75 yards - Lightening Strike

Black Cherry - Rear of back nine washroom - tree is a hazard to the building due to 45 degree angle.

Ash - Left of 12 tee woodlot - Tree is Dead

Norway Spruce - Short left of 12 green - Wind knocked half of tree down. Remaining wound has fungal bract growth indicating interior decay.

Norway Maple - Rear 13 green - Hollow, Rotted base

(2) Ash - 14 Green Cart path turnaround - Trees are dead

Oak - 16 fairway left at fairway start - Tree is dead

These trees will be removed in the near future.

Wade Beaudoin

Golf Course Superintendent.

September 16, 2012

Tree Removal

David Oatis of the USGA is booked to return to the club for a full day visit on October 10, 2012. The purpose of his visit will be to aide in the marking of trees for removal.

General Manager Rob Mason and Golf Course Superintendent Wade Beaudoin have met with the County of Elgin Tree Commissioner, Jeff Lawrence to discuss our requirements moving forward should work proceed. Jeff was given a copy of both the Vargas and Oatis reports and shown some of the damage that has occurred to some of our putting surfaces. He understands our situation and provided recommendations on how to proceed. One of the options provided by Mr. Lawrence was the hiring of a Registered Forester to aide in the process. In addition, a list of recommended Foresters was supplied.

Course Superintendent Wade Beaudoin has met with Greg Greer of GWG Resource Services. Mr. Greer is a Registered Forester. A detailed report was supplied following the visit. At this time no decision on further work with GWG Resources has been made. However, it will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Once the final decisions are made, plans for the permit process for tree removal with County of Elgin can begin.

Two local contractors have expressed interest in the harvest of our timber. At this time no arrangements have been made on timber harvesting. However, there has been a commitment made to small company for the cleanup of select non harvest trees. This would include any suitable dead and or hazard trees on the property.

The full outline and tree inventory of our hole corridors has been completed by Wade Beaudoin. The completed drawings have been submitted to Greens Liaison Martin Houde, President Ellen Luft and General Manager Rob Mason. These drawings will be available to the green committee and general membership in the near future.


The greens were aerified with .400 diameter tines on 1.5” x 1.5” hole spacing. This process was not our most successful venture. The process was completed in an agonizing manner as equipment malfunctions and exceptionally small staff plagued our efforts. The finished results are decent with some repair work required to some small areas of our greens and approaches. In addition to the aeration, a Sisis unit was also deployed on our front nine fairways. This large, deep verticut unit is used to rip the matt buildup of the creeping growth habit grasses out of the ground. This matt provides a harbor for diseases and insects, prevents water absorption and provides puffy playing surfaces. This is the first time that we have done an entire area with this machine and it is exceptionally easy to see the areas where years of matt have accumulated. A regular program would provide consistent, reliable playing surfaces.

Green Recovery

Greens 4,6,8,14,15 continue to improve at the higher height of cut. Regular light sand applications are helping to smooth the surface out and provide an avenue for the stolons of bentgrass to creep and fill voids. Some work will remain to patch these areas up but they seem to improve weekly. These greens were overseeded again during aeration with declaration bentgrass, the most highly recommended variety by David Oatis. Sod work will commence on the week of September 17 on thin and weak aprons as well as two sections on the 15th green.


Golf Course Superintendent

August 27, 2012

The USGA report has been received. There are a couple of excellent links posted through the article that should be read to aide in understanding some of the terminology. Please click here for access to the report.